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PREUßISCHBLAU, de kruik gaat te water tot ze barst
(was sind wir Menschen dumm)
Serie, bestehend aus Ölbildern, Zeichnungen und Aquarellen, seit 2009

Prussian blue triggers, has a wide span. Flooded with light, delicate like a watercolour, full and rich, smacking, deep, dark, clear, never dull, full of premonitions, shining powerful, full of tension, charged. Going in, scratching opens the spectrum. Narrow cracks, edges where it shows itself. Strictness and strength on the one hand, permeability, flow and ease on the other. In between, it is living. In between, a wide space. Repetitions of repetitions of repetitions. We know a lot, but little at the same time. We know about the connections and yet we cannot stop acting as if we did not know about them. We confirm ourselves in our repetitions. Everyday. We destroy the world, us. Knowingly, with open eyes. That scratches me.

oil on canvas, 140 cm x 140 cm, 2009
photo Kristien Daem

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